Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness Nordic

Stronger connections in healthcare communication

At Saatchi Wellness Nordic, we work with you side-by-side to create lasting and meaningful bonds between you and your audience, from internal stakeholders to healthcare professionals and their patients, with relevant engagement and powerful experiences that continue to matter today - and tomorrow.

Saatchi Wellness Nordic is part of Publicis Healthcare Groupe, one of the largest healthcare networks in the world.

Key focus areas:

No: 1

Great healthcare communication is more than just data and facts – audiences are driven by need and emotion.

No: 2

Logic leads to conclusion - but it’s emotion that leads to action

No: 3

We work with you clients to identify and leverage the right insights – to really understand what matters to who you’re talking to.

No: 4

We empower you to join and start meaningful conversations, strengthen partnerships, successfully shape behavior, and secure a long-term sustainable and competitive market presence.

Our core expertise

• Purpose-driven corporate communication
• Audience-centric engagement
• Upskilling and change management
• Market shaping and disease awareness
• Events
• Global product launches
• Nordic adaptation and localization

Even though health care is perhaps the most regulated and complex environment, we turn it into a source of creative inspiration. This has lead to us being awarded some of the most prestigious creative prizes in the field. We were the first Nordic agency to receive a Clio Rx award and recognition at Cannes Lions Health.


We’re always curious and constantly looking for new challenges. If you would like to know more about us or are looking to collaborate with a great partner, we’d like to hear from you.