CASE // Teamwork Family

What Follows the Panda

In Denmark approximately 50% of all marriages end up in divorce. This has huge consequences for the whole family and in particular the children.

Depression, anxiety, social isolation and bad school performance are just some of the harmful effects on children and most of them have to cope with unresolved emotions the rest of their lives because of the parent’s inability to cope with their divorce in a proper way.

This is the problem that Teamwork Family (founder Richardt Deleuran) has addressed by developing a new divorce app solution. By using an advanced calendar system and legal counselling the app gives newly divorced parents a tool to establish a good collaboration in order to make the divorce process as safe, fair and transparent as possible. In cooperation with the production company Gobsmack we made a launch campaign and produced the short 2-minute story What Follows The Panda. We follow an anti-hero, a socially isolated single man through 4 stages of his life; old, middle aged, teenager and child.

If you or your family needs help. Go to the teamwork family website and read more