Relaunching ALDI

For many years, the super market giant ALDI has been struggling with a bad image in Denmark. The public perception reflected a story about a foreign discount super market with only a few Danish products, low service and trashy shops.

In 2018, ALDI decided to go all-in to change brand perception; they chose Saatchi & Saatchi as their communication partner. Our task was to create and tell a new story that would shape a much more positive consumer perception of ALDI.

Change in the making:
Aldi achieved the 5th biggest improvement among Danish brands in 2018 with an increase in brand image score of 3,5%*

*YouGov Image Score 2018

Based on several customer insights, we created a brand new communication platform, ALD’I ting du ikke vidste (All the things you didn’t know)  – new universe, new look, new tone of voice, new messages, new attitude, new soul … new everything.

The relaunch of ALDI took off during the Spring 2019 and became an instant success. Today, the likelihood of choosing ALDI has increased significantly and much more people now understand that ALDI has a broad range of organic groceries, an extensive range of quality private label products and freshly baked bread ... something they were totally unaware of before.

We would really like to tell you the full story and show you the full package face-to-face, so don’t hesitate to contact us here.

But for now, you can enjoy the 6 TVC’s we created as part of the relaunch.